Water Colour Paper Pads 300gsm

$10.90$149.90 ex. GST

A gummed bound pad containing 12 sheets of Acid Free watercolour paper.

Ideal for beginners this economy pad gives early childhood and Primary aged children a chance to work as professionals on a small budget.

300 gsm

Available in A4 or A3

Single Pads or 10 pad pack

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5955A4 12 Sheets$10.90 ex. GST
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5955-10A4 10 Pads (120 Sheets)$95.00 ex. GST
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5954A3 12 Sheets$19.90 ex. GST
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5954-10A3 10 Pads (120 Sheets)$149.90 ex. GST
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A3 10 Pads (120 Sheets)
A3 12 Sheets
A4 10 Pads (120 Sheets)
A4 12 Sheets

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