Fabriano Studio Watercolour Paper

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Fabriano Studio watercolour paper is made of a mix of 25% cotton linters and lignin free cellulose.
Fabriano watercolour paper is Fourdiner made, acid-free, archival and has a neutral pH.
The paper has an internal and external sizing making it very absorbent.
This high quality white paper is perfect for artists, art students and beginners. Ideal for watercolour, gouache, acrylic, ink, charcoal and drawing.
Fabriano watercolour paper is FSC certified, produced from forests responsibly managed with respect to environmental, social and economic standards.

Ideal for Watercolour and also suitable for Ink, Gouache, Drawing Pastels and Printmaking.
Available in 200gsm and 270gsm in 56 x 76cm sheets.

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FAB20010 sheets 56x76cm 200gsm$39.90 ex. GST
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FAB27010 sheets 56x76cm 270gsm$54.95 ex. GST
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10 sheets 56x76cm 200gsm
10 sheets 56x76cm 270gsm

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