About Us

About Us

Educational Art Supplies is one of the largest and oldest providers of art supplies in the Australia.

Our products cater to the full spectrum of young artists – the youngest child ready to scribble with his or her first crayon to budding professionals.

Our extensive selection, competitive prices and superior customer service make us the choice for parents, artists, art educators, students, hobbyists, or anyone requiring quality art materials for work or pleasure.

How we can Supply to You

We currently supply a great number of Schools, Child Care Centres, Playgroups and the public with all there Art supplies needs, from a Ream of paper to a complete Centre refit.

Making Educational Art Supplies fully structured to cope with the demands of your Organisation.

The Ease of Ordering with us

Ordering could not be easier, you can order in any of 3 different ways, web Secure Online Shopping, email or fax.

Contact us for more information.