Studio Watercolour Disc Set 24 Set

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These Watercolour Paint Disks 24s are a convenient and affordable pan style paint. The compact 4-disc palette holds 24 colours and stacks together for easy transportation and storage. Unscrew each disc to reveal the paint pans. Great for students in the art and classroom or plein air (outdoor) painting and working in the studio.

Each disc holds 6 colours with an empty well in the middle perfect for mixing. The clear screw top lid is compartmentalised on the underside and can be used as a palette. When you are finish painting screw all the discs back together and toss into a bag.

So easy to use – simply work a wet brush into the round colour to load with paint. The more you work your brush into the palette, the more intense your colour will be. Great for use with Aqua water fillable Brushes.

  • 24 colours – 4 discs of 6 colours each
  • Pan colour (paint cake) size: 22mm
  • Convenient and affordable pan style paint
  • Stacks together for easy transportation and storage
  • Clear screw top lid doubles as a palette

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