Shepherd Hooks 32mm 60s Silver

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Create beautiful, custom made dangle or pendant drop earrings with ease, using these simple and stylish Shepherd Hooks 32mm.

Shepherd Hooks are a lightweight wire bow, designed to hang from a pierced ear. To use, you only need to thread an earring drop, pendant or mini canvas from the hook and your earrings are ready to wear! Yes – these Shepherd Hooks are that easy to use, and no special tooling or pliers are required.

Shepherd Hooks are 32mm long
This pack includes 60 Shepherd Hooks (30 pairs)
Shepherd Hooks are made from Surgical Steel, are hypoallergenic and are ideal for daily wear.
Silver in colour
These Sheppard Hooks can be used with:

Earring Pendant Cabochon Setting 20mm 30s Silver
Wooden Earring Drop Pieces 90s
Creating wearable art such as jewellery gives students tactile hands on experiences that rely on fine motor skills and the development of hand eye coordination. Explore combining a variety of materials to create wearable items. The possibilities are only limited by your student’s imagination. Early exposure to jewellery and clothing design and making activities will promote future interest and skill development for areas of investigation during the senior years.

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