Modelling Skill & Technique Charts A2

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Modelling clays and doughs are wonderful tactile materials that students of all ages love to use.
The Modelling Skill & Technique Charts A2 have been designed to engage students and promote curiosity, play and experimentation through an understanding of the modelling ‘basics’.
The Modelling Skill & Technique Charts A2 is a great visual resource and includes seven clear and colourful skill and technique charts, each exploring a different aspect of hand building: 1) Modelling Vocabulary, 2) Coils, 3) Mark Making on Clay & Dough, 4) Hand Building: Slab Constructions, 5) Hand Building: Pinch & Coil Pots, 6) Stages of Clay & Armatures and 7) Surface Decoration. All visuals are labelled with the applicable skill, technique and terminology. These charts are suitable for use with dough, plasticine, Magiclay, air drying clay and kiln fi red clay explorations.

Great also for room displays.

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