Skills & Construction Charts A2

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Paper and Card construction is so versatile across the Visual Arts, Technology, STEAM/STEM and Classroom learning areas. A perfect match to your room’s display boards – these A2 Paper & Cardboard: Skills & Construction Charts will enhance your learning space and provide a valuable visual to support your students’ creative problem-solving and critical thinking needs across a multitude of curriculum areas.

With six charts covering paper and cardboard – sculpture, construction and engineering, your students will be better equipped to create artworks, build models, solve problems, construct, design, invent and make! In addition students can translate these skills to other mediums such as wood, metal and textiles.

Each chart has clear and colourful visuals, and are labelled with a skill or technique that students of all ages can understand. Included are three charts dedicated to ‘Paper Sculpture’ folding, sculpting, rolling, decorative effects, tearing, cutting, and scoring. The three ‘Paper and Card Engineering’ charts, illustrate essential construction skills: joining without glue or tape, and constructing forms. Learn and elaborate on the joining basics with stitching, binding, split pins, satay sticks, notches, slots, tabs and braces.

These charts will support and scaffold learning, and will build confidence in your students’ ability to write and speak about materials and techniques. There’s no doubt these charts will become a staple resource in your education program.

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