Earring Pendant Cabochon Setting 20mm 30s Silver

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This Earring Pendant Cabochon Setting is an easy starting point for your next personalised and creative wearable art piece! Make stylish and individual earrings in minutes with this simple, elegant and versatile pendant design. This two-piece jewellery setting includes a 20mm Earring Pendant in antique silver and a clear glass cabochon to fit – just decorate, assemble and wear!

Use this Earring Pendant as a miniature canvas for collage, painting, mixed media, textiles and modelling. Once pendant is decorated, cover and secure the glass cabochon in place with Mod Podge – don’t worry, the Mod Podge will dry clear! To finish, add a Shepherd Hook – no tools required!

These Earring Pendants make great keepsakes, jewellery pieces, gifts, and are suitable for fundraising stalls.

This pack includes 30 pairs (30 x Earring Pendant Cabochon in Silver and 30 Clear Glass Cabochons)

Did you know you can decorate the Earring Pendant Cabochon Setting in a variety of ways? Here’s a few ideas:

Place a small collage work, photograph, drawing or mixed media work inside the pendant.
Colour inside the earring pendant with Posca Marker.
Take two small pieces of Magiclay, lightly mix to marble and place inside the walls of the Pendant. Press the cabochon over the top to secure.
Use alcohol inks to colour inside the pendant. Leave to dry then add the Cabochon
NB: When decorating be sure to keep within the pendant’s walls. If design protrudes it will be difficult to fit the cabochon.
You can also use the Pendant on its own:

Fashion a 3D miniature, a bead or create an interesting textured surface out of Magiclay and press onto the pendant to secure.
Pour a small amount of resin inside the pendant, be careful not to spill over the pendant’s walls.
Cut and polish a piece of soapstone and fit inside the pendant.

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