Pipecleaner People Activities For Kids – Bendy Pals

Create your own community of Bendy Pals with some simple craft essentials. You’ll have your own little world of people that you have made in no time at all!

You will need:

Pipe Cleaners
Googly Eyes
Micador Scissors


Step 1:
Bend a pipe cleaner in half.

Step 2:
Twist the middle of the pipe cleaner a couple of times. Part the two bottom ends away from one another to make the legs.

Step 3:
Roll the two ends of the legs to create small loops. Bend the loop upward to complete the feet.

Step 4:
Cut another pipe cleaner, of the same colour, in two and twist the middle of one half around the pipe cleaner that made the head, torso and legs of the your Bendy Pal. This new pipe cleaner will make the arms. You can make the hands the same way as the feet.

Step 5:
Choose a different coloured pipe cleaner for this step and cut into four equal sized lengths.

Step 6:
Slot the four pipe cleaner pieces through the loop which makes the head. Then bend each side upwards from the middle to create a spiky hair style.

Step 7:
Take another pipe cleaner and attach on eend of it around the loop of the head, just under the hair.

Step 8:
Wrap the whole length of the pipe cleaner around to create the head, securing the hair in place at the same time.

Step 9:
Take another pipe cleaner and attach on end of it to the stomach of your Bendy Pal.

Step 10:
Wrap the whole length of the pipe cleaner around, criss-crossing at the arms to make the upper body.

Step 11:
Join the end of the pipe cleaner from Step 10 with the end of an additional pipe cleaner. Continue wrapping it around, criss-crossing at the legs this time to make the lower body.

Step 12:
To create a set of shorts, take a different coloured pipe cleaner and attach it around the figures waist.

Step 13:
Wrap the pipe cleaner around the lower body and halfway down each of the legs.

Step 14:
Glue a pair of googly eyes onto your Bendy Pal’s head. To create the mouth, cut a small piece of pipe cleaner, shape it into a semi-circle and glue it under the eyes.