Melting Crayons

Everyone has old, broken crayons lying around the home… This is a great way to turn them into something new and awesome!

What you need:

  • Old crayons of any colour
  • An oven
  • A muffin tray (use an old one you don’t need, otherwise line the trays)


Step 1: Collecting the crayons
Find all of the crayons in your home that you no longer need. Maybe they’re the broken ones or the ones you’ve used so much that now they’re too small to hold!

Step 2: Prepare to cook
Preheat your oven to 130 degrees celcius and separate the crayons into the muffin tray. You can colour coordinate them if you want but any colour combination is fun!

Step 3: Into the oven
Put the tray in the oven and let the crayons cook (or melt!) for about 3 minutes. Check on them as you go- watch the colours start to swirl together!

Step 4: Cooling time
Carefully take the tray out of the oven and allow the crayons to cool and harden at room temperature.

Step 5: Almost ready!
Once the crayons have set you can take them out of the trays. Now these magic marbled crayons are ready to be drawn with!

Handy Tip
Make sure the crayons are in small pieces before they go into the tray and be sure to remove any paper wrappings they might have on them. Putting different shades of the same colour crayon or mixing different coloured crayons in one tray will create beautifully marbled crayons that, when dry, create an amazing marbled effect when drawn on paper!