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  • Counters and Sorting Kit

    Counters and Sorting Kit

    This new kit contains over 650 colourful pieces for counting, sorting, patterning and more.Includes 658 counters, 6 sorting bowls, 8 compartment sorti...
  • Plastic Tiles

    Plastic Tiles

    Transparent plastic Tile 2.5cm wide.Great for use as counters, in construction and craft. 500pk Available in round or square
  • Fruit Counters

    Fruit Counters

    6 shapes, 6 colours, 108 pieces. Count the fruit, name the fruit, sortthe fruit. Keep little minds busy playing shops or just having fun.
  • Dominoes Wooden Double Six

    Dominoes Wooden Double Six

    168 pieces x 6 colours. Made from high-quality sustainablewood. Ideal for all classroom counting activities.
  • Bug Counters

    Bug Counters

    12 shapes, 6 colours, 144 pieces. Line up all the garden bugs, name them, count them or sort them. What are their roles in the garden? A great lear...