Slicks Warm Earth 12pack

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Slicks Warm Earth are super smooth solid paint sticks in a lipstick-like applicator. Colour easily glides on to a variety of surfaces, including paper, card, papier-mâché, fabric and wood, producing intense results!
Fast drying and washable, they are ideal for all ages and an excellent clean and portable painting solution.
The easy-to-use twistable mechanism means sharpening is not required.

This set includes 12 warm, brown, yellow and earth shades.

Slick size: 88mm long x 15mm diameter
10 grams per Slick stick
Packet of 12 colours

Slicks can be used on a variety of surfaces:
Glass: for a fun activity at home, draw directly onto a glass window and be amazed as light shines through and illuminates your work. Because Slicks are non-permanent on glass, you can easily remove them with some water and a sponge.
Paper: paint in a stick draws on wet and dries without smudging.
Fabric: Slicks are a non-permanent textile and fabric decoration.
Wood: wooden surfaces.
Dark surfaces: white and metallic Slicks work effectively on brown kraft card and black and dark backgrounds.
Canvas: Slicks are a portable paint solution!
Magiclay: use Slicks to colour dried Magiclay models.
Polystyrene: colour polystyrene with ease!

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