Scale Ruler 30cm – Academy Oval Staedtler 961 80-3AS

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First and foremost, rulers are a practical tool for drawing straight lines. To do this, place the ruler at specific points on a drawing or surface. Then trace the edge of the ruler with a pencil or technical pen to draw a straight line on the paper. A ruler can also be used to quickly measure short distances.

For a long time, rulers have been part of every primary school student’s basic supplies. Back in the day when children used to write on slates in school, they needed a cloth to clean their slates. This cloth would hang from a piece of string tied through the hole in the ruler.

In this product range, you will find Plexiglas, aluminium and plastic rulers in a variety of lengths for school and office use. Some of these products are non-slip and feature an inking edge, so they are also ideal for technical drawing.


front: 1:1, 1:100, 1:20, 1:200 back: 1:25, 1:250, 1:50, 1:500

Quick information:
*An inexpensive range of quality scale rulers
*Durable with long lasting graduations
*Ideal for students
*300mm scales

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