Picture Frame Blanks A3 10pack – Coloured

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These Picture Frame Blanks are white drawing surface with a pre-printed colourful frame as its border – just draw in the blank area and you’ve got a framed and finished artwork! The drawing surface of these Picture Frame Blanks is made from 250gsm white card and is suitable Slicks, Pencils, markers, cardboard mosaics and collage. Children will love using these novel Picture Frame Blanks for their next artwork, and you’ll like how practical and cost effective they are!

These Picture Frame Blanks are:

*Made from 250gsm
*White surface
*10 Frame designs in different colours
*A3 Size
*Pack of 10
To display, attach a couple of magnets on the back, or hole punch the ends string on a Suction cap to hang from the window. Great as a quick activity where is is limited supplies or equipment, or for portable art projects and after school care. Suit early years and primary students.

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