Art Spectrum Class Pack Mixed Media 400gsm A3 25pack

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This handy Art Spectrum Class Pack Mixed Media 400gsm A3 25s paper is perfect for the classroom and great for students and artist wanting a durable multipurpose paper at an affordable price. This Art Spectrum Class Pack Mixed Media 400gsm A3 25s is a thick, tough and sturdy paper that can take a beating! At 400gsm it will not buckle or warp when covered with heavy media.

Art Spectrum mixed media class pack is A3 size and comes in a convenient 25 sheet loose pack.

This mixed media paper is extremely versatile and will take a range of mediums. It is great for acrylic painting, printing, light watercolour, collage, heavy drawing and mixed media. The paper can even be sealed with gesso for extra strength!

Working with mixed media has many benefits for early learning, primary and secondary education. It encourages lateral thinking and risk taking. It teaches students to consider multiple solutions in their visual communication and helps students free up their creativity by allowing the rules to be broken. It allows students a flexible creative path freeing them from common artistic traditions. Also, it’s fun!

Art Spectrum (AS) has been manufacturing and selling fine art materials to artists and students for over 50 years. 100% Australian made and family owned AS is a leading brand offering unique fine art materials at affordable prices.

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