Educational Light Cube ACCESSORY KIT

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The Educational Light Cube Accessory Kit is the perfect light table
starter kit for younger students! The kit features lots of safe and
colorful materials to play with on the 40x40cm Educational Light Cube.
Examine details in x-rays and layer Optical Illusion sheets to discover
interesting patterns! Drop paint onto the washable Educational Light
Cube and drag paint scrapers on top to make swirls and lines. Use
our new Squiggle Pipettes to develop fine motor skills. Discover
amazing possibilities with these sensory play resources! The teacher
guide includes detailed descriptions of fun projects to direct your
classroom light table activities. Includes: 5 clear plastic trays that fit
snugly on the Educational Light Cube, Counting and Stringing Rings,
12 Optical Illusion sheets, 2 Paint Pipettes, 2 Squiggle Pipettes, 8
clear vials, 3 Paint Scrapers, 8 Animal X-Rays.

Light Cube not included.
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