Derivan Screen Cleaner 250ml

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Derivan Screen Cleaner is used to clean off Derivan Screen Block Out from printmaking silk screens. Apply the Derivan Screen Cleaner generously with a wet sponge covering both sides of the screen and leave for five minutes. This gives the cleaner chance to absorb and break down the Derivan Screen Block Out from the fibres of the screen mesh. You can apply a wet cloth over the screen to assist the process. After five minutes use an old toothbrush to work away at the screen. Use small circular motions on both sides of the screen until the Block out has been moved. If Derivan Screen Block Out has dried out on the screen for more than five days you may need to repeat the process multiple times to fully remove the residue. Rinse the screen with cold water and leave to dry. When using Derivan Screen Cleaner wear protective clothing, eyewear and gloves.

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