Chromacryl Student Acrylic 250ml

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Chromacryl has set the benchmark for student acrylic paint since 1965. Chromacryl is a high quality and versatile student grade acrylic paint.
It promotes the development of varied and sophisticated adult painting techniques, because it has the body and consistency of an expert artist’s acrylic.
This fast drying, water based acrylic is non-toxic and has good pigment loading and coverage.

Chromacryl Student Acrylics:
*can be used with a spatula or a palette knife due to its medium bodied consistency,
*can be mixed with water to achieve some lovely watercolour effects,
*can be easily cleaned from brushes with soapy water,
*has a colour mixing system that is based on warm and cool primary colours that allow superior colour mixing results and facilitate the mixing of virtually any colour,
*is ideal for both the art room or at home,
*offers a high pigment load, is supported by a range of Chromacryl Mediums that open up many areas of creativity including; textile painting, collage, watercolour, mono, block and screen printing, papier-mache,
*is non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly,

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CAC251White$7.50 ex. GST
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CAC259Black$7.50 ex. GST
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CAC257Cool Red$7.50 ex. GST
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CAC265Cool Blue$7.50 ex. GST
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CAC252Cool Yellow$7.50 ex. GST
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CAC256Warm Red$7.50 ex. GST
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CAC266Warm Blue$7.50 ex. GST
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CAC255Orange$7.50 ex. GST
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CAC269Magenta$7.50 ex. GST
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CAC268Light Green$7.50 ex. GST
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CAC267Dark Green$7.50 ex. GST
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CAC254Cobalt Blue$7.50 ex. GST
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CAC253Violet$7.50 ex. GST
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Cobalt Blue
Cool Blue
Cool Red
Cool Yellow
Dark Green
Light Green
Warm Blue
Warm Red

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