Atelier Moulding Paste 250mL

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Atelier Moulding Paste is a heavy impasto paste made from marble dust which dries flexible. It may be used to provide texture before or during painting. Moulding Paste dries white. It is an economical way of building deep and voluptuous impasto. Resealable Tub of 250mL Atelier Moulding Paste dries fast & waterproof • Mix with paint to increase body or apply directly on top of paint layer for textural effect. • When mixed with paint, it will reduce colour intensity and gloss levels. • Dries white with a matte finish and remains flexible. • Can be used as a ground preparation on most painting surfaces, offering a hard yet flexible surface. • May be added to acrylic paints as an economical paint extender. • For more textured effects, sawdust, sand, etc. may be added. Clean up with mild soap & cool water. Water-Based & Non-Toxic.

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