Brenex Paper Squares

$7.95$29.95 ex. GST

Available in 127mm & 254mm squares, in a variety of vibrant colours including fluorescent, gloss and matt finishes, Brenex is the perfect partner for young artists who want to fold, paste, cut, punch or simply decorate.

Perfect for Origami.

Convenient pack options and the benefit of being colour fast and Acid Free.

Large size 254mm x 254mm

Small 127mm x 127mm

All squares singlesided unless stated otherwise

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2413Matt Paper Squares Small 360pk$7.95 ex. GST
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2406Matt Paper Squares Large 360pk$24.90 ex. GST
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2405Matt Paper Squares Large 120pk$9.90 ex. GST
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2412Glossy Paper Squares Small 360pk$10.50 ex. GST
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2403Glossy Paper Squares Large 360pk$29.95 ex. GST
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2411Fluro Paper Squares Large 100pk$17.90 ex. GST
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10482Duo (one colour each side) Large 120pk$12.95 ex. GST
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2409Doublesided Matt Large 360pk$28.95 ex. GST
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Doublesided Matt Large 360pk
Duo (one colour each side) Large 120pk
Fluro Paper Squares Large 100pk
Glossy Paper Squares Large 360pk
Glossy Paper Squares Small 360pk
Matt Paper Squares Large 120pk
Matt Paper Squares Large 360pk
Matt Paper Squares Small 360pk

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