Badges for Badge Machine

$0.70$1.00 ex. GST

Button badges are assembled from three parts; a metal shell, a metal pin-back/ magnet back, and a clear plastic cover.

Your artwork printed on normal copy paper goes between the shell and the cover.

Prices are for a full set of parts to make badges.

Please note these badges are only suitable to be used with the Educational Art Supplies (Talent) badge machine.

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$1.00 ex. GST
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58mm Magnet Back eachBT58M
$0.90 ex. GST
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58mm Pin Back eachBT58P
$0.80 ex. GST
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32mm Magnet Back eachBT32M
$0.70 ex. GST
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32mm Pin Back eachBT32P
32mm Magnet Back each
32mm Pin Back each
58mm Magnet Back each
58mm Pin Back each

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