Blotting Paper People

Blotting Paper People

Duration: 1 hour

Materials: blotting paper, A3 paper, edicol dye, scizzors, pencil, black, gold and silver markers.

Children draw their single shaped image onto the blotting paper using pencil and then cut it out. The blotting paper image is then placed onto the A3 paper. Children add various colours to the blotting paper image and A3 paper until all of the white paper has been covered.

Leave to dry and once dry remove the blotting paper to reveal the new image – children can decorate the new image using gold or silver markers.

The blotting paper image can now be hung as a mobile – I add a hole to the top and thread some fishing line and finish by threading a few coloured beads onto the wire to add more colour.

The shape is now ready to hang.