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Badge Making Machine

  • Machine + 58MM Mould #BTM58, $ 325.00 | Qty
  • Machine + 32MM Mould #BTM32, $ 310.00 | Qty
  • Machine + 58MM & 32MM Moulds, $ 455.00 | Qty

This new innovative badge/button making machine is ideal for school, promotional use and great for fundraisers. All you need is to draw or print your design on paper, then use the cutter and machine to make up a button badge!

The low cost of these badge components and the versatility of using either 58mm or 32mm badges in the same machine gives you endless possibilities!

Badges are available in a magnet backed or pin backed variety, making it a great addition to a party, fair, fete, holiday activity and business promotion.


Click here for badge machine instructions