Wooden Painting Panel 40 x 40cm

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This natural Wooden Painting Panel 40 X 40cm has an unprimed wood finish consisting of a Basswood top fastened on a sturdy frame. Braces are included for further strength. The Wooden Painting Panel 40 X 40cm is smooth, rigid and flat and will not flex or bow like traditional canvas, making it perfect for paint and resin pouring.
The lightweight panel is 40 x 40cm with a 2cm thickness.

Wooden painting panels are perfect for a range of painting styles where a hard, smooth surface might be desirable. Work directly on the raw wood surface for bleeding and dispersion effects or prime with Gesso for a more prepared and controllable surface.

Whether you are building up layers with epoxy resin or doing a quick acrylic dirty pour having a rigid panel will help your pour become a success and colours won’t pool in the middle like they might on a traditional stretched canvas.

Wooden panels are also handy as a prebuilt alternative to oil painting on to Masonite. Not just painting, they are great for printing, collage, drawing and mixed media work. Use them as a backing board for other surfaces, for example, glue (using spray adhesive) a sheet of Yupo or Watercolour paper onto the wooden panel to create a new surface.

TIP: Wooden panels can be sanded first to create an ultra-smooth surface when required. The panels can be easily hung and displayed.

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