Watercolour Brush Pen – Set of 20

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Watercolour Brush Pens are unique art tools which allow you to experience the beauty of watercolour art without the messy set up and clean up
They are pens filled with watercolour pigment with a complimentary water brush for blending and mixing
Life of Colour watercolour pens come in a pack of 20 vibrant colours.


* A Watercolour brush pen is a pen, filled with watercolour pigment, with a real nylon brush tip. Complimentary refillable water brush for blending and creating a watercolour effect included in each pack
*Child Friendly! Completely mess-free, washable, odourless and non-toxic. No need for a big watercolour setup. Everything is included in one compact set
* 20 vibrant and diverse colours including primary, pastels, fluorescents and naturals (Colours are mixable to create new colours)
*Soft brush tips are like real paintbrushes and creates broad and fine brush strokes, depending on the angle you paint
* Blendable and juicy paint. Blend the colours together with ease, with or without water (for best results use smooth watercolour paper, mixed media or marker paper, but will work on all paper including colouring books)
* Recommended by artists and used for lettering, calligraphy, drawing, painting and colouring (see our instagram for ideas and inspiration @lifeofcolour.pens)
*Free Gift in each pack – 3 sheets of fun art and design stencils are included inside every pack and work beautifully with the pens

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