Washi Tape Iridescent 8pack

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Each of these beautiful, eye-catching and lustrous Washi Tape Iridescent 8s colours, shimmer in a range of gorgeous spectrums when seen at different angles. You’ll just love decorating, making and personalising your creations with this high gloss washi tape!

Washi tape is lightweight and flexible. The tape leaves no residue and can be peeled off cleanly once applied. It can also be cut and easily manipulated. Use washi tape on a variety of surfaces including card, paper, plastic, metal, wood and ceramic. Washi tape can also be stuck to itself to create interesting pleats, strips, folds to be explored in decorative crafts.

Washi tapes add a beautiful touch to card making, stationary, gift giving, ornaments, decorative and general crafts. Quick, easy, clean, eye catching and effective!

This pack of Washi Tape Iridescent includes:

15mm x 4M x 8 Rolls
8 colours including clear/pearl, pink, red, yellow, green, blue, purple and blush

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