Solar System Kit

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Get students excited about our 4.6-billion-year old galaxy – with this STEAM Education – Big Solar System Kit! Fun and practical this DIY project is designed to teach students about our planetary cousins – their orbit, their colour and size, their distance from the sun and proximity to each other.

Overview: There are 8 planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune… sorry Pluto not you) in our solar system and over 3000 comets! The sun is the largest star and comprises ~99% of our solar systems mass. Jupiter is the second largest object. Did you know that all the planets are on the same plane?

Decorating and constructing the Big Solar System Kit: Each kit includes white polystyrene balls in assorted sizes which are numbered for easy reference. Just match the ball with the number (see instructions) and decorate. Encourage students to research the planets so they can explore their individual colours, patterns and markings.

When decorating the polystyrene balls, we recommend: water based paint , or they can be collaged with torn tissue paper, or covered in Magiclay.

Sun = 9.5cm Ball.
Mercury 3.5cm Ball.
Venus 4.5cm Ball.
Earth 4.5cm Ball.
Mars 3.5cm Ball.
Jupiter 7.7cm Ball.
Saturn 4.7cm Ball + 9.7cm Ring.
Uranus 5.7cm Ball.
Neptune 4.7cm Ball.
NB There is a spare ball and ring which can be used for Pluto, decorate as a moon, a comet, or a model into a flying saucer!
Cut the included wire to the specified lengths, then use each piece to attach the planets one by one to the sun – refer to instructions.

This is a wonderful STEAM Projects that links Maths, Science, Engineering and Art Making.

This STEAM Big Solar System Kit includes:

10 polystyrene balls (deco foam) in an assortment of sizes. Each are numbered for easy reference.
2 x Polystyrene Rings (deco foam)

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