Sand Art Wellbeing & Mandala Sheets 20pack

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Sand Art Wellbeing & Mandala Sheets make sand art easy and meditative, as you relax, create, unwind and be in the moment! Best of all, the completed textural mandala artworks create striking keepsakes, posters and gifts.

Sand Art is the process of pouring coloured sand on a sticky base to adhere it in place… essentially colouring in with sand. Sand art is so easy and achievable when using these Sand Art Wellbeing & Mandala Sheets – as all the preparation has been done for you. Pre-printed and pre-cut with lovely eye-catching mandala patterns and reflective words, these sturdy adhesive boards are ready to peel back and decorate.

Sand Art is a popular craft activity for all ages as it teaches organisational and planning skills, it’s meditative and helps to develop fine motor skills.

4 Designs X 5 or each
Size: 210 x 210mm
250gsm Adhesive Board
NB Sand sold separately

How to use:

Choose your Sand Art Wellbeing & Mandala Sheets design and sand colours.
Place your chosen design over a larger sheet of paper. This base sheet will be used to catch excess sand.
Using the pointy end of a skewer or toothpick, carefully peel back to remove a piece of the design to expose the sticky base underneath.
Sprinkle sand onto the adhesive area, ensure it’s fully covered.
Lift and turn over template to remove excess sand. NB: Transfer excess sand to another container for reuse.
Repeat steps 3-5 to complete the design.

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