Sand and Water Tray 58cm Translucent

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Spending time outdoors is so important for children, and what better way to do it than with sand and water play. The translucent water tray comes in a durable design that is lightweight so it can be easily moved around.

Built with 2 castors for easy transport, this makes it easy for educators to move the tray around the play area and pack away at the end of the day. To avoid injuries, damage to the tray and spilling water on the ground please empty the water tray prior to moving it.

The tray is plastic in design with smooth edges that make it safe and comfortable to touch. The tray is also UV stabilised which makes it safe to be out in the elements while also safe for the children to play with. Tray includes a plug in the base to easily empty or collect water after play.

The water tray allows a number of children to stand around it and play together which helps integrate collaborative play and teaches them to work together to achieve a common goal. The tray is great for water but can also be filled with sand, rice, balls and dirt. The tray also acts as a great storage solution and makes a great display piece in any classroom or play area.

A fantastic way to encourage outdoor play for children. Water play exploration has endless possibilities and learning opportunities. Messy play and exploration outdoors with the sand and water resources can involve sand, water, mud and other interesting materials. Different textures and consistencies can help children get used to different sensations and get a ‘feel’ for hands and fingers. Messy play is also highly creative, allowing children the opportunity to explore their imagination as well as express their feelings. It’s also a fun way to increase vocabulary, social interaction and can provide hours of fun and discovery.

Illustrated accessories not included. Measures: 110(L) x 60.5(W) x 21.5(D)cm. Height 58cm. Made from polypropylene.

Does not come with a lid.

Ages 3+ years

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