Round Light Panel LED Silver

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This Round Light Panel great for sensory play and investigation. Lightweight and portable, this resource helps children explore light, shadow, reflection, transparency, natural and artificial light. Round Light Panel’s slimline design makes it easy to move around the classroom and does not take up too much space. Best of all its safe for children.

Round 50 cm diameter
Height 1 cm
Silver frame
12V 2A Power Adapter
Suitable for Ages 3+
Include this Round Light Panel into an environment to invite and foster encounters and engagement. Light boxes add to sensory experiences, and promote inquiry, investigation, problem solving and play. Exploring light encourages the study of natural, man-made and found objects, shapes, textures and surfaces and opens children up to discovery and wonder.

Use Round Light Panel with transparent materials to engage children such as:

Fabrics such as Poly Organza
Discovery Light & Colour Blocks 24’s
X-Ray kits

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