Powder Paint 450g

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Tempera Powder Paint is extremely versatile, it can be mixed with water or liquids – such as Glue, and added to other materials including Modelling Clay, Plaster, Dough etc.
Tempera Powder Paint is easy to mix. You can mix as little or as much as you need when you need it. There is no ratio rules for mixing the powder into a liquid.
For the purpose of childrens’ Arts and Crafts use, mix it with water or Glue and use a ratio of 1 to 1.
If the resulting texture doesn’t fit your needs, you can always add more powder or more water.
As a time saver – pre-mix paint and store in refillable tubes or other sealable containers.


Safety Data:

Powder Paint MSDS

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1151Pink$12.95 ex. GST
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