Metallic Dot Markers Acrylic Paint Pens – Set of 12

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We have teamed up with Nikki King, an Indigenous artist in our community to design the packaging for our latest addition to the Dot Pen family – Our Metallic Dot Pens.

Create Dot masterpieces without the use of extra tools.
Make perfect and uniform dots every time using the 5mm round dot tip, and small details with precision using the 1mm fine tip
They are a set of 12 large dual 5mm and fine tip metallic acrylic dot pens to DOT on ANY surface (eg. rocks, pots, clothes, leaves, tin, glass, paper, wood, canvas, polymer clay etc.)
The metallics work beautifully on dark surfaces
Mess-free, non-toxic and odourless
Perfect for all ages. No set up required and no mess
Great for use outdoors. Take them on your next outdoor adventure. A great way to connect with your kids, friends or family

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