Masking Marker Fine 1-2mm

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The Solo Goya Masking Marker works like a regular pump action marker, except that it dispenses masking fluid!
Extremely convenient and easy to use this 1-2mm fine masking marker is designed for precise, detailed and edge-sharp masking. This masking fluid is non-toxic, quick drying, water-based and is easy to peel or rub off.
The blue colour of the fluid makes it much easier to see on the working surface, than regular colourless masking fluid. Together, these features enable the student and artist to have more control when masking.
Remove from surface within two days of use.
To use:
1) Shake well before use.
2) Push down on marker nib to pump masking fluid.
3) Draw

Clean nib after use. Remove nib from Masking Marker and rinse it well with water. Wipe the nib and the marker nozzle area using a dry cloth, then reinsert the nib into the Marker. Store masking marker horizontally.

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