Marble Magic Paints 6 colour set (Metallic)

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Multi-purpose bright marbling paints which work on a range of surfaces including wood, glass, ceramic, metal, stoneware, terracotta, candles, paper and polystyrene. Great for creating gifts, keepsakes and market/fete stall items. Fast drying.

Magic Marbling
Preparation: Wear disposable gloves and apron. Place food wrap over container before filling with water to save cleaning.

Step 1: Fill a container with water (16-21°C). Drip two to three colours into the water (the second colour should be more vivid).

Step 2: Use a skewer to lightly mix and marble colours. Create interesting patterns with the colours.

Step 3: Slowly immerse clean object into the water, stopping briefly then removing. Work quickly as the ink dries rapidly and will create a film on the water, ruining the marbling design.

Step 4: Allow object to dry. Ink should be touch dry in approx. 30 mins.

Step 5: Before repeating process, remove excess colour in water with a sheet of paper towel.

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