Handmade Pattern Paper – Aust Animal Shapes 100g

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This lovely selection of Handmade Pattern Paper – Aust Animal Shapes 100g has been cut from exquisitely embossed, foiled and printed Indian handmade paper. This assortment in a range of festive colours and assorted patterns have been pre-cut into a generous variety of festive shapes. Use in collage, scrapbooking, card making, paper crafts, stationery, invitations and handmade gifts.

14 shapes: dove, reindeer x 2, Santa, star, snowflake, stocking x 2, tree, bell, bauble x 2, gift and bow
Size: shapes vary in width and height from 5 – 12.5cm
Varying patterns and colours (red, gold, silver, green, yellow, orange and blues)
100g assortment

Story about how this paper is made:
Making paper by hand is an age-old art and tradition of paper-making in India. Handmade papers are made from recycled cotton rags. Cotton rags are chopped and beaten down to pulp. The pulp is then mixed with water. This dilute suspension consisting of cellulose fibres is lifted on a sieve and the water is drained out. This process in paper making is called “pulp lifting”. It is during this process of pulp lifting that we are also able to add embellishments to the paper, like flower petals, straw, jute fibres or real seeds!

The water is further removed from the sheets by pressing them against each other and staking them. The sheets so formed are sun-dried and calenderer (cold pressed) to result in uniform and strong sheets of paper.

Processes like multicolour silk screen printing by hand, flocking, deep embossing, hot stamp foiling and dew drops are carried out on handmade paper sheets resulting in exquisite designs and textures.

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