EC Tacky Glue

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EC Tacky Glue 125mL has been specifically formulated to give a strong, long-lasting bond and is non-toxic, acid free and washable from surfaces. An excellent all-purpose craft glue that is safe for children to use. Similar to traditional PVA but thicker, this white glue dries clear and can be used on all craft surfaces. Ideal for securing items such as wood, ceramics, plastics, cardboard, fabrics and other craft materials. This glue is particularly good to use with polystyrene products as it doesn’t react with or melt the polystyrene like a traditional PVA craft glue can. Drying clear and flexible, EC Tacky Glue will not detract from your finished work.
Always ensure the cap is replaced immediately after use to prevent your glue from drying out.

Size: 125mL
Non-toxic acid-free, washable
Australian made
Also available in 250mL

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