Double Sided Tape

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Use to adhere artwork to a mount to reduce risk of work buckling. Also ideal for cardmaking, scrapbooking and other papercraft. Adheres to paper, card, some fabric and most lightweight substrates. Can be cut or torn easily. For easy application, apply to the edges of the reverse side of the object you wish to stick down leaving minimal gaps to avoid buckling. Once you’re ready to stick, simply remove the white backing sheet from each piece of tape using a fingernail or Etching Tool and then carefully place the object on the substrate in the desired substrate. Take time to position the object while hovering above the subtrate as the tape has a strong adhesion and will be difficult to move. For best results, start with one end or the middle and use gradually lay the object down using your hands to smooth it out.

Available in 12mm or 24mm

33m roll

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12mm x 33m
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