Coconut Shell Disk 60mm 10pack

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This natural and tactile Coconut Shell Disk 60mm was cut from an actual coconut shell, its slightly concave shape and textured surfaces clearly echos its origin. This lovely sensory item includes the texture of the rough outer coconut shell and it’s inner smooth surface. We’ve also pre- drilled it for you, so you can hang them if desired.

Using natural materials allow children to think about the resources they use, and encourages investigation and exploration in their outside world.

This Coconut Shell Disk 60mm can be used in a sensory experience, as part of a natural collage, for sorting and maths, for creating patterns, and as a decorative base to create a bauble.

Decoration Ideas: Decorate the smooth side of the Coconut Shell Disk 60mm with Magiclay, paint, Posca Marker, collage with papers, fabric, or glue on embellishments. Once decorated, fashion a hanger, and thread through the pre-drilled holed to make a unique ornament.

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