Calico Bag with Handles

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These sturdy Calico bags will make a great activity in the artroom or at home.
Decorate and give as a gift or keepsake are perfect for Mothers Day and festive holidays, or use as an eco friendly handy bags. Decorate with fabric markers, fabric paint, screen print or tie-dye.
Any of our Fabric markers can be used on the bags including Giotto markers and Crayola fabric markers.
The bags are also good to paint and decorate with Dual or EC Fabric Paint.
As the bags are cotton they can be used for screen printing.
Block Ink which comes in a range of 12 fantastic colours.
Printing images on Magic Image Transfer Paper from Inkjet or laser Printers also works very well on the bags.

Bag size 35 x 45cm.
The handle size is 25 cm.

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