Animal X-Rays

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Take a peek inside fascinating mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians and birds with these real x-rays printed on clear, heavy duty plastic.
This amazing collection of x-rays are made of clear, heavy duty plastic that will endure years of use.
This product also includes a matching set of photo cards that will enhance the study of each creature. Learn about each featured animal and the process of radiology.
The idea guide contains many interesting facts about each animal such as habitat, distinctive features and group type.
Featured in this set are: Frontosa Cichlid, sunfish, leaf frog, chameleon, crocodile eggs, green iguana, python, western diamondback rattlesnake, box turtle, red-tailed hawk, kangaroo, marmoset, rabbit and turkey vulture.

This product promotes:

Science understanding

This set includes:

14 X-rays, up to 10 x 25 cm
14 matching photo cards, up to 10 x 25 cm
Learning guide

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