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Derivan Pouring Medium

Derivan Pouring Medium
pouring medium

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Derivan Pouring Medium is ideal for creating dynamic abstract paintings; whether it is using the medium as the popular “dirty pour” technique or a clean pour to allow for considered shapes of colour, Derivan Pouring Medium is the essential in assisting the flow of acrylic paint.

Derivan Pouring Medium is your perfect marbling paint to create beautiful

peal-able decal style designs that can be attached to non-porous surfaces such as windows, glassware, candles, tiles, jewellery, mirrors or mixed media works. Pouring Medium is water based and non-toxic.
Pouring Medium is remarkably easy to apply: the plastic nozzle allows you to draw easily even lines or pour uniform flat washes or a combination of both to create amazing marbled designs. Mix Derivan Pouring Medium with highly pigmented acrylics paints or inks. After 24 hours, your creations can be peeled off. They can be removed and repositioned as often as wished on numerous objects with smooth and non-porous surfaces.

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