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Marabu Porcelain Markers "Fantasy" set of 5

Marabu Porcelain Markers "Fantasy" set of 5
porcelain fantasy set of 5 porcelaine markers
Porcelain Painter " Fantasy"

A high-gloss porcelain pen, water-based, for school, hobby, leisure use.
Porcelain Painter Set - 5 Fantasy pens 1-2mm (033 rose pink, 733 metallic pink, 251 violet, 507 glitter lavender, 125 cherry)

The paint is dishwasher-safe at a maximum 50°C after 3 days. If you want to do it as quickly as possible, the drying time of 3 days
can be reduced to 30 minutes at 160°C in the oven, after 4 hours drying. The Marabu-Porcelain Painter is ideal for writing and painting on porcelain, glass, metal, light glazed ceramic and terracotta (terracotta must be primed with Ceramica-Pore Filler before).
Marabu-Porcelain Painter is available in two tip widths and can be used in perfect combination with Marabu-Ceramica (for further information see Tips & Ideas or the Marabu-Porcelain Painter leaflet).

Use of the valve system:
Before use, shake the painter well with the cap closed. Press onto the tip repeatedly until the ink is visible in it (do not continue once the ink appears in the tip as this may overload it). Try using the painter on a piece of scrap paper first (not on the object to be painted until you are sure the flow is smooth).
Please make sure that the object to be painted is thoroughly cleaned before writing or painting, with Marabu-Cleaner & Thinner or White Spirit.
After use, close the cap well (until it clicks).
Store in a horizontal position!

Baking and fixing:
To achieve a permanent, dishwasher-safe finish: Allow the painted objects to dry for approx. 4 hours and put them into an unheated oven. Set the temperature for 100°C and bake for approx. 30 mins. Turn off the heat, allow the items to cool down in the closed oven. Do not remove until cool.

Please refer to packaging instructions for proper use of product.
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