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Xray Projects

  • Light Panel

    Light Panel

    Available in two sizes, these ultra light weight panels are used for lighting items from beneath. The panels have a tough plastic surround and uses l...
  • Insect X-Ray & Cards

    Insect X-Ray & Cards

    Match up all 36 shell x-rays to the double sided sturdy picture cards. Discover the beauty of seashells inside and out! Examine real x-rays of a wide...
  • Shell X-Ray & Cards

    Shell X-Ray & Cards

    Discover the beauty of seashells inside and out! Examine real x-rays of a wide range of seashells , coral and animals to see their inner structures. ...
  • X-Ray Kit Australian Animals/Reptiles

    X-Ray Kit Australian Animals/Reptiles

    Over 25 creative activities. User friendly teacher notes This pack of six x-ray images, linksenvironmental studies and art,while enriching both area...
  • X-Ray Human Body

    X-Ray Human Body

    True to life human xrays. View on a light table and see authentic detail of a real skeleton. Arrange the 18 pieces together to reproduce the entire bo...
  • What's Inside People

    What's Inside People

    Understand the important systems of the human body from the inside our! Each coated plastic card features an active photograph of a child or adult. ...
  • What's Inside Animals

    What's Inside Animals

    Engage students in science exploration from the inside out with this classroom science supply! We've printed 16 beautiful animal images on the front...